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Let Villages be the Poetic Dreamland: Suning Released Public Welfare Strategy for the New Decade

2020-01-10 16:09:04

Designer Xiaoli, making a living in Shanghai away from his home for many years, is inevitably missing his hometown in western Hunan Province, thousands of miles away. "For me, the best solution to homesickness is nothing but the local specialty." He said, "When I was a kid, my favorite fruit was the local kiwi fruit. After being nourished by the high mountains and flowing water, the fruit flesh was ripe. A bite will fill your taste buds with sweetness! "

Now, Xiaoli has always visited the Western Hunan Province Hall of Chinese Specialty on Suning.com to purchase the kiwi fruit and mandarin oranges from his hometown. Apart from enjoying those fruit, he also shared them with his colleagues. "Since Suning opened the Chinese Specialty channel, we will visit it once we are available, and we often make laugh that in the future we will eat all the delicious food in China," Xiaoli said with a smile.

In fact, the Chinese Specialty channel is one of Suning's important approaches in targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in recent years. It not only allows urban consumers to taste the deliciousness of the remote areas but also sets farmers on the road to prosperity.

At the "Suning 29th Anniversary of Charitable Birthday Ceremony & Public Welfare Strategy for the New Decade Press Conference" held on December 26 2019, Zhang Jindong, Chairman of Suning Holdings Group, released the "521 Plan" for rural areas rejuvenation, of which the Chinese Specialty channel is a significant part. Suning will reach to 2,000 specialty channels in the next decade. At the same time, Suning Village will reach the number to 5,000, and Suning.com Retail Cloud Store will be opened to 100,000. Zhang Jindong said that "521" is taken from the first number of the three goals, meanwhile, it is placed with Suning's deep feelings to help revitalize the countryside.

Unlike other companies, Suning celebrates its birthday through charity every year, which is a 29-year tradition. In recent years, Suning has organically combined the business of county and township markets with targeted poverty alleviation, laying a solid foundation for further promoting rural revitalization. "Rural revitalization, as the undertaking, transformation, and upgrading of the country's poverty alleviation cause, is the aspiration of Suning Public Welfare, and an important area for Suning to build a well-off society in the future." Zhang Jindong said.

"As of this year, China has made decisive progress in poverty alleviation, which is inseparable from the contributions of our private enterprises." Xu Zhongzi, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress and chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, attended Suning birthday ceremony and delivered a speech. He affirmed Suning as the representative private enterprise of Jiangsu Province to play an active role in rural revitalization, which was not only an important part of corporate social responsibility but also a critical opportunity for private enterprises to accelerate their own transformation and development.

At the conference, Zhang Jindong, Xu Zhongzi, and Liu Wenkui, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Qiu Zhonghui, chairman of the Amity Foundation, and Pan Jiangxue, chairman of the Shanghai ADream Charity Foundation, and other guests jointly launched Suning's public welfare strategy for the new decade. Guests of the public welfare foundation stated that the “521 Plan” for rural revitalization issued by Suning deeply integrates public welfare and corporate development strategies, which makes a significant paradigm.

The new ten-year public welfare strategy launched by Suning is an embodiment of Suning's comprehensive retail capacity and deep empowerment, which will promote the upgrading of rural industries, promote the development of rural service industries, and help achieve the goal of "strong village, wealthy people and prosperous industries."

Let “good things” go out of the village: foodies enjoy, villagers affluent

Backward along the Hulan River, there is a rich and beautiful small town in the transition zone of the Xiao Hinggan Mountains range and Songnen Plains—Qing'an County, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province. Liang Xingsheng is a villager in Wupengtun, Jiusheng Town, Qing'an County. Taking the helm of Jusheng Rice Industry, he is very confident about the quality of his hometown rice. “The soil here is fertile and the growth cycle is long so the rice is delicious. We must let people across the country know that our rice in Qing'an is definitely the same quality of Wuchang (another city in the same Province)! "

In fact, Liang Xingsheng's wish has been gradually realized. Under his leadership, Jusheng Rice Co., Ltd. and Suning launched an in-depth cooperation: from January to June 2019, his company created a sales volume of more than 5 million yuan in Suning Buy Together, becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses.

In the second half of this year, Suning began to select and build "Suning Villages" nationwide and matched supportive policies in web traffic, logistics, and finance. After hearing about this news, Liang Xingsheng actively applied and made "Wopengtun Village" one of the first "Suning Villages" in the country.

Like Wupengtun Village, Kedeng Village, in Yanyuan County, Daliangshan, Sichuan Province, Tianshui Village, in Tianshui Town, Tianshui Town, Panjin City, Liaoning Province, and 10 listed "Suning Villages" realized order-based production, opened up sales, and the brand ’s influence increased rapidly after accessing to Suning Buy Together and other resources. As Zhang Jindong said at the press conference, “The core of building 5,000 Suning villages is to create a C2M agricultural product production base that spreads across the rural market, based on Suning ’s smart retail channels, to drive and lead the industrialization, scale, and branding of agricultural product manufacturing. "

Compared with Suning Village, which focuses on supporting the development of the "village", the Chinese Specialty channel should help agricultural products grow in a wider range. In this regard, Zhang Jindong described it as follows: "In the future, we hope to continue to increase the development and construction of local Chinese Specialty channel, supported by the county market. Through online platforms such as Suning.com, Suning Supermarket, Suning Convenience Store, Carrefour, and other platforms, we can make promotion whenever and wherever possible, and create a never-ending agricultural product trade fair. "

In the future, wolfberry from Gansu Province, ancient brown sugar from Guangxi Province, rock candy orange from Hunan Province, jujube cake from Jiangxi Province, ginseng antler slices from Jilin Province ... Many delicious foods that have been or are waiting to be discovered, will make foodie such as Xiaoli have more "blessing " and will also allow more villagers to be well-off faster.

Become a “boss” at your doorstep: Realize your entrepreneurial dream and make a high-quality life

As a smart retail solution tailored by Suning for retail entrepreneurs, the retail cloud store that covers the county market has developed into one of Suning's most mature sector. Zhang Jindong said that it is more of supporting and assisting nearly 100,000 rural entrepreneurs than opening 100,000 retail cloud stores in the rural market. Suning hopes that this plan can inspire more rural youth to set foot in their hometowns to build a career and make contributions to their hometowns.

Kang Genqiao is one candidate that Zhang Jindong hopes to inspire. His hometown, the Cangyuan Va Ethnic Group Autonomous County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, is one of the main places of the "Ancient Southern Silk Road" and is adjacent to Shan State, the second special region of Myanmar. At first, he served as a soldier in Cangyuan, married a local girl after leaving the army, stayed in Cangyuan, and became a "Cangyuan people".

Later, with a vision for the future, Kang Genqiao started his own business. He tried various businesses, including logistics and transportation, lighting and appliance store. However, none of his entrepreneurial dreams were successfully realized. He started to think that starting a business was not easy. "I was quite depressed at that time. I often wondered why I lost my job and my savings.

Until May 2018, Kang Genqiao first came into contact with Suning Retail Cloud, and the "entrepreneurial fire" in his mind reignited again. He once again “set off” and set foot on the road of entrepreneurship again.

From choosing a site, negotiating, to the upgrading of the store, Kang Genqiao was helped by the Suning team to avoid many unnecessary annoyances and realized the formal operation of the store in only five months. This was a marvelous speed. What touched him even more was that in the early days, Suning also specially dispatched two store managers to help him one-on-one.

"In the first 20 days of the store's opening, Suning's partners have been helping me, so I quickly passed the break-in period." After mastering the retail cloud Housekeeper, Cloud Shelves and other apps, Kang Genqiao quickly entered the "retail cloud status", and opened his "highlight career": his small retail store in the local area and has become a "cross-border good store" that has been double certified by the people of China and Myanmar, and became the center of life of many people on the borders.

Suning Retail Cloud not only drives small entrepreneurs like Kang Genqiao to realize their entrepreneurial dream, but also allows farmers to buy authentic licensed products, which provides a reliable guarantee for their quality of life. In the future, with the rapid opening of retail cloud stores, there will be more forms of stores such as home appliances, fast-moving consumer goods, and mother-infant stores.

"Every young villager who is making a living outside has a spirit of entrepreneurship in his heart. What Suning has to do is to kindle the fire in their hearts." An expert who has focused on rural revival research for many years said.

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